*Chapter 13 Section 1-2 Notebook Due: 
Friday, 2/9.

*Chapter 13 Section 1-2 Quizlet Due: Friday, 2/9.

*Chapter 13 Section 1-2 Assessment Due: Friday, 2/9


2017-2018 School Year 

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*Chapter 11 Section 1-3 Notebook Due: Wednesday, 1/10. 


Syllabus and Parent Letter

FA HST Syllabus 2017-2018.pdf FA HST Syllabus 2017-2018.pdf
Size : 219.218 Kb
Type : pdf
Parent Letter 2017-2018 Letterhead.pdf Parent Letter 2017-2018 Letterhead.pdf
Size : 97.064 Kb
Type : pdf


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