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Below you will find a daily schedule and if your absent, this is a great place to get info.  You can find assignments and such at the bottom of this page.  Just click on the unit we are in.  Clicking on the unit will bring up all kinds of assignments for the unit.  You can download documents and even work ahead if you choose.  

Powerpoints, Notes, Worksheets, and even tips and tips and tricks are in this section. 

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Unit 1: Intro and Astronomy

August 26-29
M  Link Crew Day
T  Intro of Class
W  What is Science 
Th  What is Science Quiz
F  No School

September 2-6
M  No School
T  Vocab Unit 1-A & Grading Policy
W  History of Earth Challenge
Th  Expansion Lab
F  Reading Guide 23.1

September 9-13
M Formation Powerpoint 
T  Doppler Effect (The Red Shift)
W  Galaxy Classification Lab
Th  Future of the Milky Way
F  Galaxy Test Review

September 16-20
M Class Test Prep and Formative Evaluation 
T  Class Review
W  Unit 1 Test
Th  Test Corr and Reflection
F  Start New Unit