Welcome to the Pirate Academy Earth Science Page. 

Below you will find a daily schedule and if your absent, this is a great place to get info.  You can also find info on the google classroom for Earth Science.  That site is organized by date.

Below that is a group of units.  Most of our assignments are available here on the site.  They are labeled at the bottom of the page by unit.  Clicking on the unit will bring up all kinds of assignments for the unit.  You can download documents and even work ahead if you choose.  

Powerpoints, Notes, Worksheets, and even tips and tips and tricks are in this section. 

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Unit 1: Astronomy Part B

October 16-20
M  Presentations
T  Finish Presentations and do vocab for Unit 2
W  Vocab Presentaion and Instruction / Start RG "The Sun"
Th  Finish Rg on the Sun (Turn In)
F  Sun Video (Universe Series)

October 23-27
M Sun PPT 
T  Sun Quiz
W  Stars RG
TH Assignments
F  Vocab Quiz

October 30-November 3
M  Stars PPT
T  HR Diagram Introduction
W  Star Cycle Lab
TH  HR Chart Creation (Modeling Activity)
F  Journey to the Edge

November 6-10 
M  Journey to the Edge
T  Test Review
W  Unit 1: Part B Test